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Eat tasty and stay healthy.

Organic is a lifestyle, not simply a label.

Excellent food is an experience for our palate and our body.

We own a farm in Tuscany, near Florence, that belongs to the 11th century where we produce Extra Vergin Olive Oil, jams, charcuterie and all what our land donate us.

We strongly believe in the respect for nature, animals and environment.

Latins said 'mens sana in corpore sano': we feed our body with the best products and our mind will be enlightened. Italy has one of the longest life expectancy in the world.

We chose to come in the US and share our knowhow, our experience and our amazing healthy products with all of you. While as for FDA laws we are not allowed to bring here our artisanal charcuterie we decided to produce it here. 

We did a deep research to find local farms that grow happy animals letting them free on land.

We produce our charcuterie completely by hand and let it seasoned and age using only time. No chemical additives to facilitate or speed up the aging process.

No gmo and no other external element other than meat, salt and spices.

Our knowledge belongs to our family from hundreds years and we hope you will appreciate the love and respect we have toward our customers creating our products.

This same deep research of the excellence is also in all the food we import from Italy.

Exellent taste, superb raw ingredients, healthy and respectful.


2% income goes to Environment and Animal protection foundations

Perdinci Brand was created to start producing here in the US those goods that cannot be imported directly from Italy.

We have generations long history in our families on farming, olive oil production, home made preserves making and food production in Italy.

We know what it takes to grow a healthy animal, and we know that industrial farming is insane.

One of our founders have been vegetarian for years, while working outside the area, where he was not able to find ethically raised meat. He preferred not to eat meat at all than being a accomplice of increasing the cruel and disrespectful cage farming.

At Perdinci we think we owe nature and people at least as much as we get from them this is why we decided to devolve 2-5% of our gross profit to animal protection charities, and at the same time give priority, when choosing employees, to veterans.

It is our way to compensate for the lives we take, and a way to say thank you to those who served the whole world with their sweat, tears and blood.

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